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A recent pilot study of Baylor University demonstrated that an innovative treatment, combining mindfulness with hypnotherapy, gives incredible results!

 The average participant practised almost every day, and overall satisfaction with the intervention was 8.9 on a scale of 10."

 Most importantly, the treatment can be used by anyone regardless of age and beliefs. Ready to know how your life can benefit from it?

Discover how you can be free from stress, anxiety, bad habits, distractions, or lack of motivation. 


Becoming happier, healthier and wealthier is possible for you too!


It sounds like a perfect life, right? Crazy as it might sound now, I can help you unlock your inner power to make it real!

With this premium quality and calibrated Hypnotherapy program, you can achieve unthinkable results 


Your perfect day; you wake up fresh, ready to do your favorite morning routine fully motivated, eating your healthy breakfast, exercising, and meditating. Free from doubts and full of energy.


You’re working on your projects with 100% dedication, generating amazing ideas and taking immediate action to make your projects grow faster.

You will have the courage to step into opportunities that were there before but for some reason, you couldn't see them.




The innovative hypnotherapy and mindfulness program to unlock your inner power naturally and with you in full control.

This membership platform is based on 6 life pillars:

Wealth | Health | Happiness

Love | Spirituality | Joy

You will receive specific hypnosis recordings for each pillar. The hypnosis will safely reprogram your subconscious mind to create positive lifelong changes.

It’s important to know that you will stay alert and in control throughout the hypnosis sessions. You won’t lose control of your actions as you see in movies.

With the membership, you will gain access to free monthly events, unique gatherings, and 1:1 sessions.

You might be thinking...

what if hypnosis doesn't work for me?

Hypnosis works for everyone.

You need to be open to receive its benefit.

Some of us have better responses right from the beginning.

 For those who need an extra push to go deeper, I created the Relaxation Training room (RTR).

RTR will train your mind to enter the meditative state quickly and easily, providing better results.


HypnoHall’s founder Jean Mind is an international hypnotist and mentalist whose career spans 20 years over 17 countries in Europe, South America, and Asia. 

Utilizing positive psychology, mindset reprogramming and performing arts, his modern approach to hypnosis creates an immersive experience to guide people to become their best self. 

He has worked with individuals and groups within corporate, community, and entertainment settings, delivering transformative sessions with lasting results.

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Quick results

Stop wasting your life focusing on solving one issue at a time! Hypnosis guarantees the best and quickest way to reprogram your subconscious mind and solve your deepest flaws. You will experience the results in a matter of days, sometimes in one session only. 


Only 10-30 min sessions

That's the average time per day that you have to invest daily. This powerful suggestion works precisely and in a short time.


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You will be in touch with other users in our community section, which will support, and motivate you. Share and see results and inspiring stories.


Improve any area of your life

I want to make you a superhuman, full of energy, healthy, wealthy, happier, and in control of your emotions. You will work with experts for every pillar section.


Ania Kusk

Montreal, Canada.

Arundathi Hazari

Bangalore, India

Steven Dopson

Texas, EEUU.

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