Astral Travel Premium Masterclass

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Astral Projection Hypnosis Masterclass

Join hypnosis specialist Jean Mind and I for a unique masterclass using meditation and scientifically-proven hypnosis techniques to initiate astral projection for self-growth.

The world's leading experts all agree that the major blocks to astral projection are unconscious fears and limiting beliefs.

This masterclass hacks your unconscious mind to release these blocks, cultivating a nourishing ground from which to access unbound potential.

Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is one of the quickest ways to enter an altered state (needed for astral projection) and it has been found to quiet parts of the brain involved in sensory processing and emotional response. This allows us to deep dive into the vast unconscious mind and wade out into wider realms of reality.

Science Says...

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of initiating Astral Projection. Studies done in laboratory settings by neuroscientists and psychologists use this as the core method for most experiments.

Select Group
So far, I've had wonderful groups of 40 - 179 people attend my online events. However, after listening to feedback I have decided to keep numbers small, ensuring each person receives enough time for personal feedback.

This is why this Masterclass is aimed at a select intimate group and there are only a few spots available.


In this immersive Masterclass you will experience:

- Self-hypnosis for Astral Projection
- Self-hypnosis to target and release fears
- Self-hypnosis to release limiting beliefs
- Exercises for overcoming fear before and during Astral Projection
- Techniques to self-initiate Astral Projection
- Mindset Reprogrammingfor Astral Projection

Afterwards you will receive...

Two self-hypnosis audio tracks for astral projection.
A 'releasing fears' guided meditation track
A free month membership to Hypnohall (Jeans platform)(Quick secret: inside the spirituality room, there is a program to improve your lucid dreaming practice!)
Access to a private Astral Projection WhatsApp group.
A list of bespoke resources to further deepen your knowledge and practice.

(Only 10 spots left)


Jean is an international hypnotist and mentalist whose career spans 20 years over 17 countries in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Utilizing positive psychology, mindset reprogramming and performing arts, his modern approach to hypnosis creates an immersive experience to guide people to becoming their best self.

He has worked with individuals and groups within corporate, community, and entertainment settings, delivering transformative sessions with lasting results.

Having had astral projection and lucid dream experiences since a child Jean is passionate about accessing deeper parts of the psyche and wider realms of reality via self-hypnosis for personal and spiritual growth.

Jean is dedicated to helping people unlock new ways of thinking to create a reality that aligns with their dreams and goals.

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